Seeking raffle donations for 2019 annual potluck

The Northeast Neighborhood Association (NENA) is having its Annual Neighborhood Potluck and Celebration on Wednesday evening, September 11th at Priest Point Park. This event attracts about 150 neighbors. We host a raffle as a fundraiser, where neighbors can buy tickets to win gift baskets of items or services provided by local businesses.My Post (4)

We are seeking donations of gift certificates or service/product to support our raffle. Businesses and contributions will be recognized on our website, during the event, and listed on the sign that displays all the raffle prizes.

Your contribution not only supports our neighborhood, it also increases awareness among our 400+ members of the importance of supporting our local businesses, especially those within walking distance to our neighborhood. We would welcome and encourage your attendance at our potluck and share in the neighborhood celebration.

Please let me know if you would be willing to make a donation, if possible, by August 31, 2019 by sending an email to

Thank you!


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