Public Safety & Crime Prevention

Oly Connects

Oly Connects is an online service that lets residents report issues within the city.

OPD Crime Mapping

The OPD has revamped its quarterly newsletter. The following link takes you to the OPD main page (click on the link for current newsletter to download the PDF):
Community Liaison Amy Stull hopes to bring you interesting information and feature stories in every edition. If you have questions or would like to suggest improvements, please contact Amy at 753-8049 or email

The OPD also offers a valuable tool for tracking crime trends, called Crime Mapping:

Emergency Preparedness

For more emergency preparedness information you can call the Olympia Fire department, 360.753.8348 or check out one of the websites listed below:

In the event of a natural disaster, severe storm event or other emergency, visit for news and updates.

Know your neighbors

Neighbors who know each other watch out for each other. It’s a well-known fact that neighborhoods where folks know each other experience less crime. If you’re interested in a list of neighbors in your area, here’s a major time saving tool:     Just go to the website and put in your address and you will get EVERYONE’S name and address in your neighborhood.

Report Crimes to Police Dispatch

The Olympia Police Department wants to know about ALL crime that occurs in Olympia. Even if it seems minor, or you see what may look like suspicious activity, they still want to know.  For non-emergencies, call Police Dispatch at 704-2470. Of course, if you witness a crime in progress, that’s an emergency, so call 911.

You can also note any neighborhood crimes of which you are aware on our Facebook page. We’re in this together, and the more we know the more we can be proactive and help each other out.

Graffiti Busters

Let’s face it, graffiti is a perennial problem, pretty much across the country in both rural but especially urban areas. Taggings are seen throughout Olympia, and in our neighborhood as well. Here are 2 courses of action YOU can take to help with this problem:

** Call the Graffiti Reporting Hotline at 570-3737 
The goal of this hotline is to encourage the public to report graffiti in a way that facilitates removal and gathers information that can help identify trends. Police volunteers will monitor the message line and respond to document and photograph the graffiti. Referrals will be made to the property owner requesting removal. In the message, include the physical location and description of the graffiti. Contact information is encouraged but not required. Any reporting party wishing to make an official police report should call the non-emergency dispatch line 704.2740. As always, call 9-1-1 if you witness a crime in progress.

**Report tags to:  If possible, snap a picture to send along (not required). Note the closest cross streets or address. A list of reported tags is generated and disseminated several times per month to two Graffiti Busters teams: 1) neighbor volunteers who go out on their own and use city-supplied products to remove reported graffiti and 2) Touchstone young men who volunteer to perform community service, to our great benefit. If YOU would like to join the effort to combat graffiti in our neighborhood, contact NENA president Mike Dexel (email link below).

The teams are not permitted to remove graffiti from the fronts of street signs (stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs and other reflective signs) but will forward these reported tags to Public Works. Nor can they work on private property, including garbage cans and fences. Homeowners are responsible for tags on their property and possessions. However, the Graffiti Busters can offer ideas and opinions on products you can purchase that may help make it a bit easier. If you have a specific question you’d like to ask or concern you’d like to report to the Graffiti Buster team, please email Mike at

Here’s a link to the City’s web page on graffiti, full of info:

Thank you for your interest.

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